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Thread: The Franz Kafka museum in Prague

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    The Franz Kafka museum in Prague

    During our holiday in Prague, I went to the Franz Kafka museum (husband wanted a walk instead ). Got the biographic thing with his father, but very intersting, going through the influences on his work. Very good conception of his works too, as well as good English translations.

    Did you know Kafka was a Taoist? Even went as far as saying he thought in his heart he was really Chinese.
    Shame that the original Jewish quarter that apparently makes up the dreamy world with Venice-like streets and alleyways and delapidated partly medieval buildings of his books was knocked down in the greatest re-design of Prague ever. But there are still places left you can look at or go, such as the most famous Café Louvre where a philosophy circle Kafka and Brod were briefly members of regularly met.

    What was a shame was the sh*te (and I really mean that) stuff that was there in the museum shop. Nothing small to get , apart from endless notebooks with Kafka's gaunt face looking at you and postcards with his photo. Two books of his available in English, one in German, and a book of Kafka's Prague.

    Overall, though, very very very good exhibition. Interactive, with sound and images, texts, installations, projections, well thought out. Highly recomendable when you are in Prague.
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    Thanks Kiki. I'm going there in March so I will check it out.
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