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Thread: Cafe scene , sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerrybaldy View Post
    THank you Comenteers. I enjoyed writing this one. Tailor, good catch, it was on the tv as I wrote it. My new years resolution is to stop writing mediocre poetry, so I am off. If I post again please tell me to f*ck off.
    Call it mediocre all you want, we just have to rewrite the definition of that word. Don't go anywhere, I'm looking forward to the next smashing "mediocre" JerryB poem!!

    "But do you really, seriously, Major Scobie," Dr. Sykes asked, "believe in hell?"
    "Oh, yes, I do."
    "In flames and torment?"
    "Perhaps not quite that. They tell us it may be a permanent sense of loss."
    "That sort of hell wouldn't worry me," Fellowes said.
    "Perhaps you've never lost anything of importance," Scobie said.

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    It's awesome, I loved the "I feed you noodles like electric veins" much
    Cats love literature, they purr sonnets that humans can't comprehend. *Purrs*

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