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Thread: Christmas Listening?

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    Christmas Listening?

    I have long thought of Christmas and the holidays in general as accompanied by a musical soundtrack. What music are you listening to for the holidays?

    For me Bach has always been intimately linked with Christmas. My first real exposure to classical music took place in the Lutheran Church I attended as a child. My mother sang in the church choir (soprano) and as a result I developed a love for Bach and choral music in general. Today I listened to Monica Groop's marvelous performance of Bach's alto cantatas... some of his greatest achievements in the genre... and one of my favorite recordings:

    right now... I am listening to the joyful Christmas Oratorio performed by Philippe Herreweghe:

    And you?
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    Nothing much really, just the odd Beatle song here and there:

    Nothing as grand as Bach (though I was listening to a lot of Bach the previous month).

    I'm so into my chess study (4-6 hours per day minimum, up to 8 hours) that most other things are taking a back seat. Mrs who?

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    Nothing Chrismassy just the usual 70's rock stuff and occasional gaelic songs. I used to listen to classical music when studying. I might do that when writing creatively and see what happens...
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    What sort of 70s rock stuff exactly is that? (And what is Gaelic music?)

    Another Beatles:

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    The Ave Maria based on Franz Schubertís composition Ellen's Third Song for Walter Scotts The Lady of the Lake.

    A version in German using Scottís Hymn to the Virgin

    Here's Luciano Pavarotti performing the Latin Catholic prayer variation:

    Vince Guaraldi

    Maybe throw in some monks from Santo Domingo di Silos:

    and of course Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen:
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