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Thread: 'The Modern Prometheus' - suggestions?

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    'The Modern Prometheus' - suggestions?

    I loved Shelley's 'Frankenstein' and I'm looking for similar reads.

    What I enjoyed most was the "Modern Prometheus" theme (Frankenstein punished for going too far, the ship's captain punishing himself for not going far enough). That's what I'm looking for (it needn't be horror or science fiction).

    Any suggestions?

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    Any iteration of the Faustus myth? Or if you want something from a roughly similar period and background as Mary Shelley, you might consider William Beckford's Vathek.
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    Dr Jekyll punished Hyde for going too far, and Hyde punished Jekyll for not going far enough...

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    I don't know if the punished for going too far is strictly Promethean; while this is an example of it, there are some that pre-date, or exist, alongside Prometheus.

    But if you are looking for similar works of the dangers of going too far - or trying to play some form of god:

    Dr. Faustus - Marlowe
    Faust - Goethe

    The Picture of Dorian Gray Wilde

    I'll edit this if I think of more - I know I'm missing some obvious ones.
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    H.P. Lovecraft's The Re-Animater, much else of Lovecraft would interest you, especially if you are keen on Poe.

    Koontz has some Frankenstein series type thing, I've never read him though.

    Of Films, I thought both Frankenstein Unbound and Kenneth Branagh flick quite good.

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    Read Byron's Manfred now.

    Then read Don Juan and Childe Harold's Pilgrimmage by him as well.

    Byron had a gift for poetry and, like you, an affection for Promethean anti-hero's, even leading to the coining of the term "Byronic Hero," which basically means an anti-hero reminiscient of Milton's Satan (or Faustus, tak your pick). It's a common thread.

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