Moby Dick was an interesting read for me as I am an outdoorsman/surfer/fisherman/ with an interest in whales and wildlife in general. I always wondered what is was like to be on a whaling ship and was very intrigued by many parts of the story. For example,the writing about the stone spearhead found inside that one old spermwhale they killed but then sank. I agree that some portions of the book were just ridiculously boring and so many words and examples to describe a point that would be easily conveyed by far fewer words. When he began describing the various species of whales for example, although interesting, I was really hungry for the story to move on and get exciting. I really wanted something exciting to happen then, like, hurry up and catch a dang whale or something! Some of it was so repetative. But much of it was interesting to me and I enjoyed it. Oh yeah, I skipped over all that poetic crap starbuck would spout off with when in hot pursuit. Boring. All in all I liked it and recommend it for the well rounded reader.