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    It is difficult to treat people with respect regarding their thoughts about a book when they haven't taken the time to appreciate or understand its subtleties. Melville is not considered by many to be a master of literature for nothing. The book does not need my defense: it stands on its own. If it bores you, well, I don't think there is any hope for you. Really, the book requires a certain type of reader, intent on serious intellectual study. Melville's only flaw is assuming that the average reader is sophisticated enough to understand his writing.<br> Sarah, you have told people to 'get a life', and not judge those that berate Melville's novel. Would you sit idly by if someone tore down something you loved? These people, desiring never to look beyond their tiny conceptions of literature and their insatiable desire for instant gratification, are doing harm by adding foolish commentary to a book that should not have to be defended. Moby Dick destroyed the career of its author. Melville suffered for his art. I will not let someone tear down something beautiful with words like 'blah', or 'it sucked', without giving them back their ugly words in kind. <br> Now, if someone wants to actually discuss the book, and tell me why they think it is bad, without simply saying that it is boring, I will listen and respond intelligently, without criticism or judgment. I respect those that respect intelligent discourse. But anyone caught dismissing something that I love without defending their ideas will be attacked harshly for being ignorant. It is not childish or immature to be angry with someone, or even to tell them that they are idiotic, if their actions are in fact idiotic. All opinions are not created equal.<br> That being said, I would encourage you to find something to enjoy in the book. It is an extremely difficult text. If you need proof of Melville's genius though, simply read the first chapter, and consider the name that the narrator gives to himself. Ishmael is the biblical father of the Arabic peoples. Consider the antagonist, and meditate on his whiteness. Melville's work is incredibly insightful, considering current world events. Think I'm crazy? Pay attention to Melville's treatment of what is white in the book. Read 'Stubb's Supper' and think about Christianity. Of course, the depth of Moby Dick is only hinted at here. Moby Dick is active on so many levels; it is something close to impossible to ever be done with it. <br> A warning: This book is not something to be toyed with. High school students really shouldn't be reading it. Melville is insightful and subversive; he is addressing issues that go right to the core of the human experience. If you are not intellectually ready to deal with matters pertaining to life and death, you should put the book down and read something more appropriate, such as Rawlings' Potter stories or something by Stephen King. But don't defecate on something you do not understand. <br> If you would like to discuss Moby Dick further, just post another comment, and I will respond.<br>

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    well since you seem indifferent towards the book and you are also going into junior year like myself... maybe we have the same questions about the book even though mine are due in about 3 days

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    Forgive & Forget, we're all different

    People, please! Now, I have read through almost all of these comments, and all I can say is: Please grow up! All of you! I am in my Junior year of High School and I am required to read the book, Moby Dick, and do projects over it. Personally, it is not my favorite, but I can live with it. I realize that it is an American classic, but I have also realized that many of you don't take in consideration that everyone can have a different opinion of a book. Some people will like it, while others will not. The book is made up of words, not feelings. It's not going to care whether you like it or not! And neither should you! This website has a comment/review section so someone can tell they're opinion/view on the book!! Not for someone else to berate them because they think differently of things. Many of you have replied berating someone else with how they spelled a word or what words they chose to describe their opinion of the book. For example, "Blah". So what if that person chose to use that particular word? It might not be the best word in the dictionary, but you know what he meant by it, so get on with your life! You'll live! <br><br>Now I know I will probably be getting a few replies on this subject and I will be interested in what I get, but just one tip. I won't care if you berate me by the words or used or whatever else you do, that will just show me that you have not yet taken my point to this message and grown up! Now, please, let's be civilized people here, not 2 year olds.

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