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Thread: Boring Whale Blubber

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    Timmy et tu

    Hello Moron,<br>Perhaps you and Timmy can team up for the good of mankind. You can give him that bullet in the foot he thinks is such a good idea (it's certain a bullet to the head is not going to do this clown any injury, being just about as brainless as you are), and I'm trusting that the ocassion soon arises when you take one yourself in that large empty space between your ears. When you do, be sure to have someone inform us of it. People will want to celebrate the fact your gene pool has been taken out of circulation and rejoice in the knowledge there will be one less retard in the world to burden the unemployment benefit system.<br><br><br>

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    Boring Whale Blubber

    I could not agree more with Timmy's review of the book. I always that that Moby Dick was a thrilling adventure of one man's journey and being bent on revenge. It's more about whaling life. Melville's Ishmael gives you literally the inside scoop of a whale. I have no understanding if how this monotonous lesson in marine biology came to be regarded as a classic. If Melville had made the book about 15 chapters, it would have been far better. As it is, it belongs on the bottom of the ocean. BORING! I will never read it again unless there was a gun to my head and even then I would consider taking the bullet.

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    Post Only a thrilling adventure of one man's/woman's journey?

    Herman is not talking about marine biology; he is talking about what it means to take a journey to explore your Self regardless of being man or woman. The whale and the ocean are analogies.
    This book could be of interest for you if you are tired of what you are or where you are and want to take a journey to see what else is out there.
    If you sometime deside to do this, first you have to kill your Moby Dick. Why? Because that is the only thing between you and what is waiting for you. Some of us are not even aware of the existens of the whale but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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