the far and the near
the cosmos and the earth
miscellaneous and comforting
vertebrae and limbs
like oceans perpendicular, muscular with foam like sweat of an
overzealous climate — washes with dimpled rocks
crevices in the psyche
antibodies roaming within

and I'm mechanically-intimate
and rushing into stillness
armoured and naked
all simultaneously progressing
into wide dimensions
of a centre line of time and mortal spaces. ▬


the mouth is weary
for cosmetic aprons
fastening with the skin-second
and I cling to the cosmopolitan
as I slip into nudity
I think 'what was I born with?'
a flower-blossom of my own
carries a brighter license
than a masquerade's shade
God has given me
that brushes onto marble
lovelier than sheen. ▬

sky born

melting into cloud
like saliva
like cotton
and blood forcing
into funnel-fluids of the spine
the skeletal bones that hollow and probe
agents of investigation
and the way we are sans wings
but fly with the stimulations of dreams
the canopies of belief
like parachutes of feathers
are yolk-broth of opinions
into constellations
into axial spheres between atmosphere and outersphere. ▬

jostling molecules

the particles clean, rough, brittle and strong
moving in their kinetic schedules
their laboratories and lighthouses
all kindle with the bulbs of bio-electric fluency
the labyrinths of their cities
plunging with ours

God's Design

ample with the processes of exuberant understandings

denizens interweaving
as like paper and ink. ▬