Life imitates art.

I read Ibis found the story about de stone lance-head fascinating.

Here's my (rather crude) translation of a newspaper-clipping from the NRC Handelsblad of june 22 2007(a duch newspaper).

Whale with harpoon.

More than a century swimming around with pain in your neck and shoulders ? It happened to a Greenland whale (bowhead). Somewhere between 1880 and 1890 he got a harpoon shot in the shoulder by whalers. It was the sort of harpoon that explodes in the body of the animal. This one did that neatly, but the whale survived. Until a few weeks ago. Then whalers near Alaska did kill him and hauled him in. Deep in his blubber (or lard?) they found a piece of the now antique harpoon, close to shoulder and neck. According to scientists it must have bothered the whale all the time. The animal was approximately 130 years old. Whales like this can become 200 years old.

No stone lance-head, but a series of events similar to the description in chapter 81 of Moby Dick.