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Thread: Help with The Count of Monte Cristo

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    Help with The Count of Monte Cristo

    Hi so I'm working on a study guide for English and for the like of me I cannot figure out the answer to this questions. Please please help, ill answer any of your threads. The question is this:
    What is the relationship between Monsieur de saint meran and valentine? Why doesn't he share the same family relationship with eugenie danglars?

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    Doesn't seem like a hard question to answer if you've read the book. If you have, what about this is giving you difficulty?

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    I can't understand their relationship it doesn't explain it at all. Or if it does Im just not finding it even though I've reread the chapters over and over

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    If I still know it after 7-odd years, I think you could work it out if you had paid attention when reading it.

    The clue is somewhere in the beginning and it's to do with an engagement. saying no more.
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