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Thread: Looking for a writing buddy for daily support towards writing goals

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    Looking for a writing buddy for daily support towards writing goals


    I joined this site to find a writing buddy, not to collaborate with really, but wouldn't rule it out-I want to find someone where we can support each other, and push off procrastination, etc. I have a nasty inner critic, as many do, and I would like to prevent it from getting the better of me.

    I would just like someone to talk to by text or skype im to check in with, to be accountable to and to discuss blocks, and "next steps" to getting the work done.

    I write somewhat comedic stuff, some stand up comedy..I like stream of conscious writing, creating character monologues and poetic material. I do improv comedy and I want my writing and stage performance to enrich each other.

    Send me a message and we can discuss if this would help us both.

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    What sort of comedy are you interested in?

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