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Thread: HELP! What's the name of this short story?

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    Unhappy HELP! What's the name of this short story?

    I've been searching for so long...

    It was by a Russian writer, or maybe it was set in Russia, I'm not sure.

    I don't remember the exact story, but it centers around this man who works a menial job, I think for the government. I think maybe he was a hack writer? Not sure. Well one day, after years and years of doing the same job, he gets promoted. But he was so used to his old job that he couldn't handle the new job and went back to his old job. All the newer younger workers who got hired always made fun of this guy.

    I don't remember every detail, but that's roughly how the story goes. Help! I'm desperate! Anything would help.

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    Maybe Anton Chekhov Ward No. 6 ?

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    Noted from the Underground, the anti-hero complains about his past job and associates.

    I think in Gogol's 'The Overcoat' or 'The Nose', there was an office clerk as the main character. Might also be the play Inspector General.

    I hadn't read these works in ages but I'm sure someone here knows exactly what you're talking about. Might want to put this question in a more appropriate area on the forum, might help get a quicker response.

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