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Thread: To Kill a Mockingbird

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    To Kill a Mockingbird

    Has anyone read Harper Lee's book"To Kill a Mockingbird?" I understand it's required reading in many schools today although it wasn't when I went to school. My eldest daughter did a book report on it, and, though I never read the book, I saw the movie version and enjoyed it very much. If you read it , what did you think about it?

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    It is a wonderful book. I have read it/taught it a few times now, and I never get tired of it. The Gregory Beck version does the book justice, but I would recommend reading it all the same.
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    Cool Harper Lee has joined the ranks of successful authors

    who have quit writing because of the success of a previous novel; eg, Margaret Mitchell and Truman Capote. The movie and book are excellent, but I wish she hadn't quit writing, and followed the example of Daphne Du Maurier who kept on writing after Rebecca.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Darnay View Post
    It is a wonderful book. I have read it/taught it a few times now, and I never get tired of it. The Gregory Beck version does the book justice, but I would recommend reading it all the same.
    That's what I selected when the question came up as to the book I would not like to die without reading.

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    Easily one of my "10-Must-Reads" of all times. And the movie is wonderful as well but it only enriches the experience of the book, never makes up for it.

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    This information is good to know. I'd seen the film, a great film. Now I know the book is considered a must despite this.


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    It's fine. It's one of those books that you'll probably enjoy reading but not worth going to great effort to.

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    I liked the book very much but there was so much build up for it I kinda was disappointed.

    I will always recommend it if asked but it's one of those books you hear so much about you think it should be the best book ever, it's not but very good.
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    I loved the book and hated the movie, but that's just the typical books are too good to be turned into movies kind of thing. I had to read it for school, finished it in a day, then went out and bought my own copy so I could always have it. I don't even re-read books unless I completely forget what happens in them. Completely forget. It takes a ranking in my top ten as well.
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    Haven't read it, but I liked the film adaptation of it.

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