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Thread: Kurt Vonnegut - Bibliography Question

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    Kurt Vonnegut - Bibliography Question

    Hello to you all. I am a newcomer to your site and I wonder if you can offer me some assistance?

    I'm considering splashing out on all of his works but I don't want to duplicate my purchases. For example: Welcome to The Monkey House and Palm Sunday are listed as separate books - which they were - but both are now combined in one book.

    Before now I have bought short stories from various authors only to find they have been duplicated in some other collection.

    If you have any advice it would be much appreciated.

    Thank You

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    Borrow them from a library.

    Somewhere there is a list of how Vonnegut rated them, and the ratings are good. You might want to consider finding that.

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    If it's short stories you want, Monkey House is the collection. Palm Sunday and Wampeters are mostly nonfiction, I believe. I don't think there is any duplication between the 3.

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    If I recall correctly, Palm Sunday is a collection of KV's lectures and speeches and not his short stories. Monkey House is the short fiction.
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