What is an example of Marlow's philosophical questioning? What is the point of questioning? (1)

• There is quite a bit to hear, the sounds of jungle, what does this suggest? (2)
• How can ears and eyes fail you in Conrad’s world? (3)
'Heart of Darkness' suggests that one can hear truth even if they cannot see it. How true is this statement? (4)
• Words are of a raving mad man (Kurtz)
Is Kurtz mad? Discuss. (5)

Darkness is incomprehensible and absurd.Do you agree? Discuss and provide two examples. (6)
(Outer station blast away station, no goal in mind)
The outcome was that the natives were EXPLOITED.

What are some examples of the darkness of the human soul in 'Heart of Darkness?' Discuss. (7)
(Consider Kurtz, the company and the treatment of the natives).
How are the natives perceived? Discuss. (8)

This is for a lit class and we have to answer these but I have no time as I have a major project for my 3/4 class due (3/4 is Australian last year of high school and I'm doing a class for it whilst in the year below) the same day.
If you could help me out or at least give any thoughts, that would be so ridiculously amazing, thank you in advance.