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Thread: problem with a simple word

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    problem with a simple word

    I was wondering if someone could help me: right now I'm working on a translation of The Importance of Being Earnest into my native language and I have a problem with the word "schools". Dr Chasuble suggests strolling "to schools and back". The expression sounds odd to me, because of the plural used, and because it suggests there's a school somewhere on the nobleman's property.
    Is it possible, that "schools" mentioned is a type of building that one could find somewhere round a big mansion, not necessarily related with education? And if so, what building would that be?

    I will be really grateful for some hits.

    PS. I've already checked online dictionaries, but they suggest just "school" meaning place for education or a group of fish.

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    Are these the lines you are referring to?

    Miss Prism. I think, dear Doctor, I will have a stroll with you. I find I have a headache after all, and a walk might do it good.

    Chasuble. With pleasure, Miss Prism, with pleasure. We might go as far as the schools and back.
    If so then yes, there are multiple schools in the vicinity. Keep in mind the size difference and separative nature of school houses at the time, and it is not inconceivable that there would be multiple schools.
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    Also, the property is not a large estate, but just a fair sized country manor, more like a 2-3 story house, which would be quite luxurious for the time but not much larger than the average American suburban home.
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