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Thread: Why now?

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    Why now?

    A kind and warm hello to you all,

    To begin and step outside your self is the most difficult task anyone can endure and hence entrust to. For thoughts on failure chase our existing beings and we tend, unfortunately, to tilt towards that negative attitudes we face rather than bouncing them off of us and enter a step towards the state of twilight we search for- to communicate in broad letters what we truly believe in.

    Literature for me is that divine communicative strength that is camouflaged in characters and in story lines of novels, articles and essays that convey in it illuminated messages of guidance of not only hope but of wealth in knowledge. Most of us know and understand that in order to read and grasp the true meaning in a literary work one is requested to understand history, sociology and philosophy.

    That to be said therefore, forums on literature surpass my overwhelming happiness that has definitely seized my thoughts when I decided to join this forum. I have never ever before joined any similar forums before or any forum for that matter. But, the questions transmitted in thoughts are to why now?

    Today more than ever I feel as though I want to belong to a community where similar thoughts are shared on intellectual literary topics. Topics on which can be shared and discussed amongst normal people like you and I.

    I look forward to being able to share my thoughts and read your opinions and writings. Whether we disagree on issues, topics and meaning hidden in novels or not the discussion is the most important.

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