A shadow of a man, where I stand, there you fall.

Standing before the corpse, Nick took the final vow while kneeling to whisper in the victim’s ear: “There you lie, you shall not be disappointed, master.”

“Swoosh!”, he tested the sword’s new capabilities, a small grin started to form on his face. An evil vibe was starting to take the victim’s place. The test, it has been done with much success, he shall now return to his home on earth, not to claim a prize, he had already gotten his prize. No, this was more than this, this was everything he stood up for, this wasn’t to impress the dark lord, this was his sheer essence. This was his vengence.

“The humans.. They did it..” The words echoed around his head, taking their regular place in the back of Nick’s skull, a small grin disintergrated into a sad look into the horizon, particularly on his now shattered planet- Earth.

To be continued..

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