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Thread: Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration~ Thomas Edison

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    Question Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration~ Thomas Edison

    How does this quote apply to life today?

    How did Thomas Edison illustrate this in his lifetime?

    What I am really trying to ask is, how am I supposed to write a 500 word essay on this single sentence quote!?

    please help

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    Time to start perspiring.
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    Well, Edison had the inspiration to let others, like Nikola Tesla, handle the perspiration part, while he took credit, raked in cash, and got himself the most prominent place in the history books. For modern parallels, see Gates, Bill and Jobs, Steve.

    Asking others to do your homework shows you already understand the concept.
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    Try turning it around see if it works like this
    ''Genius is ninety nine percent inspriration and one percent perspiration''
    Does a 100 percent equal genuis or is a genuis needless of percentages hence the title.
    A genuis is a genuis because there is no physical or mental exercise from their part. It is a natural effortless course a bit like gifted and talented they do not try they just are.

    So is there a contradictive somehwere in that quote I guess so for me anyway.

    Then you could find out what makes the body perspirate?
    Physical energy intellectual energy or both or none?
    Whether mental challenge makes us perspirate as much as inspirate remains to be proven.
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