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Thread: Suggestions??

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    Smile Suggestions??

    Hi, I'm new to blogs, but I joined, and I was wondering if anyone would have some recommendations for books/plays? I haven't actually read any Hemingway, but from the snippets I've seen/heard of his work, he sounds pretty good. I like things with good quotes - which actually gave me the urge to read the Bible, which I haven't yet finished. But I'm always looking for new material, and I thought someone on here could suggest something that will make me think, and I'll hopefully enjoy reading.
    Also, I've just read Shakespeare's Othello - thoughts on the play? Or on Othello's character? I can't quite decide if I like his character or not, I'd like to know some more perspectives.
    AND if you know any, I would appreciate some quotes, preferably from Hemingway, religious texts, Shakespeare..

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    Hello Curiosity ...welcome here ...

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