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Thread: Question about the Linati schema?

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    Question about the Linati schema?

    Hello, I'm currently reading and trying to understand Ulysses. Looking at the Linati schema in the "Organ" column, it is written "Telemachus does not yet suffer a body". I understand the sentence to mean someting along the lines of: "Telemachus doesn't yet have a body". Is my interpretation right and if so, why doesn't he suffer the body, why is there no body part associated with the first chapters? If someone were to go into detail about explaining this I would be eternally grateful. This is also coincidentally my first post, so hello to everyone!

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    Hmmm, that's a tough one. I think that much of it has to do with the first chapters' focus on Stephen Dedalus. Keep in mind that Joyce had "lost interest" in Stephen by the time he was writing Ulysses. His aesthetic would be rendered obsolete by the "Scylla and Charybdis" episode, and he come to embody a form that Joyce could no longer evolve. Hence, the majority of Ulysses focuses on Bloom, and he is the model that Joyce sought to complete. He was the complete man that Joyce saw in Shakespeare's Hamlet. In many ways, Stephen (Telemachus) serves primarily as a mental and spiritual entity that Bloom must rationalize in order to reach the climax of both his spiritual, mental, and physical embodiment. If Bloom and Stephen are taken as models for Joyce, then Bloom is the vehicle by which he achieves completion. By the time of Ulysses, Stephen has been relegated to being a part of himself that Joyce had to come to terms with in order to reach a sense of wholeness. Sorry, I know this meandered a bit, but in short, I'd argue that Stephen doesn't receive a body designation because it had become impossible to define him as something absolute and concrete. He was essentially a child that would never grow or develop into an adult form.

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