First post here, and looking for a source of a quote attributed to Tolstoy. I came across the following text in an old 1950-ish book, which only mentioned Tolstoy's name next to the quote without any references. Since the book itself had questionable content (WWII propaganda) I was wondering if the text is genuine, and if it is, what is the source?

There is a yellowish grey wolf, who, winters, joins the pack, roaming the icy tundras of Siberia, sparing neither man, animal, nor child. In the heat of the summer, however, when the brush is dry and lifeless, he crawls into the peasant's back yard, licking his hand, whining for food. Such is the nature of man and the brevity of memory that the peasant feeds the bloody tooth of this rapacious.
My apologies in advance, if the above text is obvious since i am new to Tolstoy.