Hello Everyone!

I have a huge favour to ask, to anyone who is willing to lend a hand.

I am writting an MA thesis on Christopher Marlowe's plays. For this I need 3 biographies of Marlowe, which are unavailible in my country.
They are:
Park Honan (name, surname), 2005, Christopher Marlowe. Poet and Spy, OUP,
Harry Levin, Christoher Marlowe. The Overreacher, Faber, 1965
John Bakeless (1942), The Tragicall History of Christopher Marlowe, Harvard Uni. Press

I don't need those exact editions, just the books themselves.

The most important thing is I have very little time (till the end of August), thus I would need a digital copy, because standard mail might not travel fast enough and I still have to read them!

If you can help me or have a link to these books online (even if I'd have to pay for them), or can scan those books from your library or whatever, I will be super grateful and can even send you a small gift from Poland .
If you can't, but may know a person who might be able to, please forward my message.

You can contact me here or via my email - [email protected]

Paraphrasing a great movie "Help me Literature Network, you're my only hope!"

Kind regards!