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Thread: What Is Your Most Significant Part?

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    What Is Your Most Significant Part?

    A most memorable bit in this novel, something that makes me almost despise Lawrence for sending such a disconcerting line out into the world is in Chapter 11, when Mrs Bolton is describing her late husband and their type of married love. To never get over the touch of a man! 'when I look at women who's never really been warmed through by a man, well, they seem to me poor doolowls after all, no matter how much they dress up and gas.' A seed of discontent is sown, spurning a quest for something that only exists for few. It's awfully rebellious of Lawrence to write a happy ending for infidelity, but I guess it may have been so for him. I would love for people to share what part of this novel is most significant to you. And what is a doolowl?

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    I think that the novel needs to have a happy ending in order to support Lawrence's meaning, whether infidelity would work in real life or not. If the affair fell apart, it would confirm the complete opposite- that sex was a secondary or minor part of life.

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