I have come here to find answers to questions I come up with while reading Richard III, which is being performed at the "Old Globe" here in San Diego and which I have ticket for.

I am reading "No Fear Shakespeare"; which is very helpful, but I still get confused.

I have always been fascinated my the history of the period and sometimes I'm confused by the way Shakespeare spins it. I do understand why, I just, sometimes, find it hard to sort out.

I am a retired RN (Retired Nurse )

I've lived in SD since I came here while in the Navy; where I spent 10 wonderful years of my life, in electronics.

I was convinced to go into nursing after taking a summer job in a nursing home, by the head nurse. I was the best advice I ever got!

After getting my degree I was hired to work in the brand new VA hospital in San Diego. I ended up retiring; 35 years later, from the UCSD ER.

My hobbies are photography, Photoshop, taking pictures and playing music in Balboa Park, caring for a couple very elderly friends; who have no family, and enjoying my remarkable good health and a few good friends and my condo.

This year I plan to start taking in the Shakespeare Festival and focusing on his "history plays"; since it fits with my interest in Medieval English History.