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Thread: Inspirational Tales of the Tykes

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    Inspirational Tales of the Tykes

    Inspirational Tales of the Tykes:

    When walking through the grocery store
    upon the colored tiles,
    You imagine you’re on lava,
    skipping across rock isles.
    Arriving in your shopping cart,
    a runaway boxcar,
    You traverse the treacherous traps
    like an action superstar.

    And then at home, a stick in hand,
    your legendary sword,
    You’re in beast-infested jungles
    and fighting them in hordes.
    You hop in your hot air balloon
    and soar into the sky;
    It turns into a rocket ship,
    ‘cause you’re an astro-spy.

    Imagination’s what you use
    to simply get away
    From real life’s stark despondency,
    mundane, the ev’ry-day.
    It’s how you find those things in life
    that never could be real.
    It’s how you find that sense of bliss
    that some may never feel.

    When you get a little older,
    your hormones go awry;
    Imagine that the girl you like
    just smiled when you walked by.
    Imagine that you’ll fall in love,
    together ‘til the end.
    She’ll be your first and only love,
    your best and only friend.

    You’ll pretend the drugs you’re taking
    do not destroy your health;
    You’ll pretend your education
    will help you garner wealth.
    Your lovers are all faithful, and
    they always tell the truth.
    Your friends would not break faith with you
    or be at all uncouth.

    Imagination’s what you use
    to tell yourself such lies,
    To swallow the subsistence of
    those things that you despise.
    It’s how you make it through each day
    and keep your sanity.
    It’s how you keep a grip upon
    what you choose to believe.

    As you’re aging faster still, and
    your time is running out,
    You’ll likely start to wonder what
    your life was all about.
    You’ll tell yourself it was inspired,
    you made a great impact.
    You always acted morally,
    made up for what you lacked.

    You’ll tell yourself your bank accounts
    will grow again next week.
    Your job will turn around some day,
    success will start to peak.
    Your boss will see he’s been a jerk,
    coworkers will awake.
    Your dead-end life will turn around;
    at last you’ll catch a break.

    Imagination’s what you use
    to keep your head up high
    If real life’s bleak futility
    may cause you to ask, “Why?”
    You’ll use it ‘til your dying breath,
    alone upon your bed:
    Imagine some place better off
    you’ll go to when you’re dead.

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    I am running a 30-day Kickstarter project to publish a book of my Inspirational Tyke Tales series. This poem is a sample of 15-20 other similar works that I would like to have illustrated and self-published in a limited quantity.

    On the Kickstarter, I offer rewards, including copies of the book for anyone who donates, poem requests to be included in the book, and copies of my previous publication (dark psychological thriller, The Garbage Men). Please check out the project description, as well as my video, and consider sharing with anyone who may be interested!

    Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoy!

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    Good idea to get published, but this poem is a bit smelly. It begins with potential with possible imaginative leaps, but then is followed by stanza upon stanza of morallistic sounding crap about the bleedin' obvious. The examples of why imagination is used to escape only serve to remind a person of the ultimate fail. We all know this - so how is it inspirational? It made me want to finish it quick and look for something enjoyable to read (is that inspirational? Same thing happens when I try to read the television guide)

    I think personally that this needs a solid critical 'what's wrong with this stanza' by the author - and after they've snipped all the crap away work on what's left, make it tighter, perhaps purposeful, but leave the bludgeoning in the dumpster.

    Do this and I can guarantee you'll sell many more copies than if you don't

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