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    The Story

    Peter Pan has alyways been a story that my heart loves to hear. I love the story, it is so magical and exciting and fun, full of a whole new world of fantasy and excitment. I have loved the story of Peter Pan since I was a little girl. I used to move my mattress off my bed so it was tilted and try and slide and fly off of the bed. I've always loved Tinkerbell's character and world of the fairies. Peter Pan's story of not growing up, having adventures and bringing children to Neverland, I find it a much deeper story than many others. Especially since the new Peter Pan movie has been released my understanding of the story has grown. I love how they look to Wendy as a mother and that the story was dedicated to the Children's Hosptital in London. It makes it seem so much more real!!!

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    James Mathew Baronet Barrie was a complex being who suffered both physically(he was very small) and emotionally from the death of his brother David whom his mother adored and her consequent severe depression and I often wonder if he would have been anything like how he turned out had it not fallen upon his shoulders to pull his mother up once more. They had a strange obsessive relationship after his dressing up in David's clothes for her and the pain he carried from the loss of David and the grief of seeing his beloved mother's grief certainly colored his world from that time on.
    He of course would have been a gifted writer just the same and he was very witty and friends with many famous people.
    And one wonders if his needing to rest his thoughts upon neverland where people never had to grow up and suffer what his mother and father(horrific cancer of the jaw) had to go through had not been so strong would he have lost Mary his wife? He never had children with her and well it seems as if the baby Peter and the other siblings he used as his models were given a sixth brother in Barrie who seemed to love their mother's motherly personality.
    All in all while I love the story it bites of pain and loss and grief and hopelessness of a kind because only in that far off place could there be any sort of joy and it is not here upon the tired dirt of this world.

    "It's all very well to be able to write a book but can you waggle your ears?" J.M Barrie to Wells.

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    I believe that that was the reaseon he made Neverland make you forget. He wanted to forget the pain in his life so because peters mother as Barries did "closed the window" so to speek. At the end when tink dies he made Peter forget her so he would not feel the pain and saddness as his mother had.

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