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Thread: How do you think women are presented in Literature? [authors/characters]

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    How do you think women are presented in Literature? [authors/characters]

    Over Literary History great progress has been made within the role of women in terms of Literature, Charlotte Bronte is now a celebrated author rather than a woman hiding behond a male sudonym, feminist criticism is now widely accepted as a general analysis and is not sensationalised nearly as much [arguably].

    I am writing a project with the title 'How the presentation of women in literature has changed over significant periods in literary history' and I would really like to gage some opinions?

    Thank you!

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    The same as they presented in films,TV and in reality. No changes there I am afraid.
    What you read is what you get and so the answer is amonsgt you and the women you meet on a daily basis.
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    It's a very broad topic. How are you going to structure it?

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