Man, I just finished reading The Divine Comedie for the first time. Although, truth be told I read the "Inferno" a long time ago, when I was really too young to get much of it.

Anyway, I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed the Purgatorio. It was by far my favorite section of the three major divisions of the poem. Maybe it was because it used the seven deadly sins as divisions, maybe it was that it was the section where Dante, the narrator himself, was most noticablly altered by the events in the poem, maybe it was the assent to Eden, the conversations with the most worldly of sins, maybe it was the idea of redemption or purging of sin, . . . . but I was just enthralled with it.

I enjoyed all of the sections really, though the Paradiso got a bit repetative for me after a while. I don't mean that in a highschooler way. I just mean that it seemed after each Canto in the Paradiso, he reached a point that was so amazing as to be beyond words. . . .and again, and again. . .. that by the time Dante came in view of the 9th ring of Heaven, I was "amazed out". I felt like I had been to the summit so often, that this true summit seemed more anticlimax than climax.

But I should try to reread that section because I might be missing something. I enjoyed the philosophical elements in the Paradiso a lot, however; they were my favorite part of that section.