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Thread: Are writers born or made??

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    Are writers born or made??

    Do you think writers are born or made?

    Personally, I find it difficult even to write an essay..

    But maybe someone who reads a lot can he be a good writer .. ?? : )

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    No one is born with language skills. A good writer must work at what he or she does. So, I'd say a writer is made, over years of words. Keep on working. The thing you want to write is there, hoping to come out. Stick to the subject, and let the words follow.

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    Well. There are some who seem to possess a natural talent for things while others need to work hard at them. I guess it depends on a lot of things. I think things like environment and upbringing can have an effect but ultimately it's about resolve. If you're determined to do something then you work hard for it.
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    normally a person is born first for them to become writers so I would say that we are naturally apt in communication and since we have feelings then writing is just systematic of our need to express thoughts and meanings.
    in other words we are natural born communicators writers andimaginators if such word exist haha.
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    Just like everything else writing is both a talent and a skill. It is something some people <i>can</i> just be naturally better at then other people, but it is also something people can learn to be better than everyone else with. Therefore, writers <i>can</i> be both born and made.
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    I would lean towards made, seeing as how great writing is always in dialogue with a literary tradition (or multiple traditions). I can't imagine any great writing, whether it is a novel or poetry or a school essay, that isn't influenced by exposure to other thinkers and writers. Of course, being in dialogue with a tradition isn't the essential quality of a good writer, but it is necessary.

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