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    Me, piggy rosebush and my fellow pig loving friend are TRYING to write an essay our topic is; 'Animal farm explores how communists behave under pressure can anyone give us references or just help us out.... were really stuck in the muck... we will love you forever, almost as much as we love rusty spoons and pig slosh
    -Piggy rosebush & Miss Piggy "Oink, Oink"
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    After reading your post, I cannot judge how serious it really is and what level of a student it belongs to. Instead of dismissing this post though, I decided to stop by purely because of my love for this book and Orwell. I will dedicate my first post on this forum to Orwell's book, Animal Farm.

    Animal Farm is a satirical critique on communism. Your topic of "communism under pressure" is pretty vague and your arguments will vary depending on the thesis of your essay. I hope this post will get you brainstorming.

    The two pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm, Napoleon and Snowball, represent famous figures in Soviet Russian history. Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin, and Snowball symbolically represents Trotsky. In the beginning of the book, there was a heated argument between the two pigs, debating whether to fund the farm's defense or to instead, spread the rebellion across the land to the other farms.

    Stalin wanted to fund Soviet Russia's military, while Trotsky wanted to export communism from Russia to its neighboring nations. The proposals of both Stalin and Trotsky would achieve similar goals, in that it provides safety and a sense of security for Russia. Historically, communism was in conflict with many ideologies, such as Nazism and Capitalism, and this created strong tension between nations. In a sense, Soviet Russia was under pressure because of the fact that many nations rejected the idea of communism, and communists were consequently afraid of their nation along with their ideologies being swallowed up by Nazism and Capitalism.

    In the book, Snowball is chased out of the farm by Napoleon's dogs that were educated by Napoleon himself since birth. Although it does not explicitly mention what happens to Snowball, it should still be clear that Snowball dies, like Trotsky.

    Snowball becomes the subject of hatred, disgust, and fear among the animals of the farm. Napoleon uses Snowball as a scapegoat at times of internal mistakes and failures within the communist government. Communism, through propaganda, had to maintain its image across the globe that it was the perfect system.

    This "pressure" you were speaking of can mean many things. This pressure can also be generated from the communist system itself. It is evident today that Communism is indeed flawed and a failure of a governing system. It is stated somewhere in the book that "the farm was getting richer but the animals were getting poorer". Ultimately, fingers started to point within the farm itself and many animals were summarily executed without trial. This again, reflects Stalin and his great purges, when many officers and his political opponents were executed for political gains.

    Communism collapsed on itself due to the "pressure" of its own flaws. Its pillars were not strong enough to withhold the weight of the many in Russia.

    I hope this helped.
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