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Thread: The Swan's Last Dance

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    The Swan's Last Dance

    Mistaking the sea for a pond,
    You stoutly walk on the shore,
    dune-like after many storms,
    Whose sand bury the prints
    Of your excited hopping feet.

    The gushes of the North wind
    Push you towards the waves
    Already receding at midday
    Like a lover feigning shyness
    Whose retreat is a conquest.

    You run after the bubbling sea
    And let its bubbles catch you
    As the thick puffs of May air
    Fill your lungs with gassy brine
    And form crystals on your skin.

    On the waves you fly and ride
    And dance like an unyielding sail,
    Mesmerized by a dead seahorse
    And by the floating tiny rainbows
    The sun shimmers onto the sea.

    The noon's calm waves leaving,
    The wind, the air still pushing-
    The crystals in your feathers,
    Your salty tears, your cold feet-
    The sun, the shore are no more.
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