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Thread: Thus spake m. Solzhenitsof!

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    Continuing from the previos pages….



    FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2020
    BBC offers a real world news service from the point of information assigned for the corona epidemic. The last information we learned was the following except for triple anti-body cocktail treatment and vaccination: The Corona Virus is-highly likely-weakening over the time as seen in the SARS factor to which the medical suggestion could make thereunto to be related the matter. That's why, as a medical doctor, I say, "Let's not be surprised if we see that the vast majority of people with positive results will not seem to get sick instead the tests downright!" I have to do some English-French book reviews tonight to get a detailed medical attention. I hope I'll be able to give you longer and more detailed information!

    SATURDAY, MAY 9, 2020
    According Two Main Civilization Types of The World-Industrialized as The British Soil and Russia of The Eastern Europe and The Mesmerized Afro-Asian Parts of The Earth like Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, North Korea, Libya, North Sudan, Somalia, Yemen-and The Scientific Meaning of The COV-19 Pandemic:
    First Definition (A) based on reason: The Classical PANDEMIA to prevail after the reservoir-rat like rodents escaped from the menu induced public kitchen, restaurants, and food plants escaped from the delicious dishes(!) of The Starving Chinese People.
    First Definition (B) based on traditional delirium thereof especially a picture of primitive Turkish communists blaming only the USA and all of the Europe while they would drop in on chat parlours at times. According to them the capitalist countries used to create micro living creatures like Corona Virus.
    (N. B. Both the Chinese kitchen and laboratories in Wuhan now suggests that sort of lurid pandemic brilliance enough to explain the Corona Pandemic-of course not anything artefact but natural)

    The Second Definition Regarding to Therapy (C)
    The raw numbers of patient's spectrum over the evil graphical representation used by CNN International (!) the actual corona epidemic is something obligatorily to be reign upon shade.
    The Second Definition Regarding to Therapy (D)
    The camels' urine, and the amulets to be sold by Imams wearing fez solid dark purple, some red-and-white crescents and stars matching to shrine green who are men at the peak of their spiritual manhood, as coarse and direct and powerful as the primary coarse behaviours.

    SUNDAY, MAY 10, 2020
    The Eurasia is just escaping from the exhausting winter of the partly subarctic climate. There are vivid slices of ice panels on the mountains from the peak to the skirt. The general profile peculiar to spring evenings is relatively dim with only the setting sun light that spills between the branches of the pines in the garden and through the wide windows of the classic halls of the adjacent blocks. Time to time and yet only momentarily, there would be absorbed silence as a whistle bowler is dealt. It is early the following periodical parts of time. Today some hours-CET betwixt 11.00 to 3.0-should have been assigned to a little strolls yanked by the veteran over 65 years old, and there is a confusion of street cries like a mute choral chant.
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    WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 2020:
    What did we say? Fear is the fastest and most long-lasting stimulus in memory. From the maxim transferred from TENNESSEE WILLIAMS Remember please: Knowledge: NOP; Money: NOP! Aİ... Power: YES! Fear is already the energy that Democracy is built upon. Since democracy will carry us from a stagnant past to a developed future, it should have both a collective history consciousness and a dream of the future, that is, the driving force ... It should not be forgotten. Since the Corona virus managed to make us to forget everything we know we need must not forget it....

    THURSDAY, 14 MAY, 2020

    What does the Corona Virus make people to utter?

    Postman- "Since there is such a thing as human rights, why am I at the risk of hand contact?"

    Mall Cashier- "Shall I assume myself as dead and even buried? No never; therefore one ought not to ponder about Corona pandemic unless to have been well informed about it. Therefore such a thought cannot resist time! Come on then and presume even if I'm sick...What comes of it? I'm sure I will not die! This is likely to be embarrassed at the end of the quarantine days."

    Islamic State (ISIL) Representative- "Does the Muslim person hesitate to enter the mosque during risky Friday prayer, although he knows he will go to heaven lest should be on the straight path?"

    Artist- "Of Window / Balcony concerts.... Who shall gain anything therein: the listener or the singer. Of the mask: for what to protect mask? To protect one or one's interlocutor?"

    FRIDAY, 15 MAY, 2020

    The Ottoman Empire had rejected positive sciences and adopted a method-free discipline called horoscope. Now is the time to share the five prophecies of our future method-less scientists who have been paid by the supporters of the North Korean 'Ayatollah GULEN' and the Caliph 'R.T ERDOGAN.', and who are provided with pocket money by their mentioned masters: 1- The virus will cause a change of body in our citizens until May 16, and 1 meter long tails will grow from the coccyx of extremely innocent people; 2-Our people will establish listening centres at the level of the navel, the USA will even record the sounds in the toilet, enlarge and return these sounds and blow up all the settlements! 3-The belly dancer chip to be placed in the vaccine will cause bare illusions that our honourable citizens cannot cope with even the myriad ablution every day. 4-ILLUMINATI agents who hear the word illusion will-tilting to tilting-shake everything to be tilted all over the country with the SARS virus. (What is it? Laugh or cry?) 5-'Is it hard to laugh or cry?' A composer agent who hears the word will put the poison of unbelief into the honey of the song and present it; MEHDİ will come!

    SATURDAY, 16 MAY, 2020


    They agree here that-the they viz. the red and green communists in this country-one must have to have a common view of COVID 19 that Americans or Jews should have made it as a synthetic creature in the lab, and it is intended to prevent Muslims from performing a Friday prayer, not only to be in trouble! I guess only God knows what a synthetic creature might look like, and since there are no creatures other than Allah, and Allah-highly likely-would get angry with this claim. Green Communists, and anti-Semitic and Anti-American nationalist Muslims, who are frank allies as they had been already should compel us to worry how they could afford to co-operate and anger The Muslim's God-Allah-together? Adding to it then it comes to the red communists, isn't it also another illogicality that they are hostile to Jews and Americans who create creatures? So let the reds be happy then because if there is no need to look for a creature to create a living creature, it is extremely reasonable, in other words, a wise situation, because of its religious attitudes or disobedience to Allah. In addition to all this, it is the result of a pathetic and irrational state that the red-colored communists, far from the Islamic green color, can make their presence in the form of a minority in the anti-Semitic mass and anti-American mass. Since all the paradoxes we counted the patient-the caliph president-refusing the treatment, the patient of epilepsy, the uneducated orchestra conductor and the head of the state randomly shaking his secret stick, he is apparently the enemy of F. GULEN, who teaches him anti-American and anti-Jewish briefly anti-Islamist terrorism, but in order to believe this, the person must be unreasonable. Already, the people in the closest circle of both people are the only people trying to carry out terrorist attacks against America, its strongest ally, Israel; The basic qualities in their personalities are the enemy of science, their sincere belief in betrayal of civilization and democracy.

    SUNDAY, 17 MAY, 2020

    If the art is a gold bracelet that gives resistance to the mankind during the subversive times as those to carry floods semi-similar to that of Noah's, the bracelet of the Turkish Ayatollah GULEN is made of aluminum alongside his student Turkish Caliph's ornament to seem like feces smeared tin necklace. A snotty preacher is considered an artist if he does not come from crying, but he cries out: the artist is cheap: false, unbelievable, cruel, even mimetic, if we say frog the imitator. As the word of frog people says the Turkish Olympics would make to be coming to mind somehow a schizophrenic and wicked ground. Getting help from the USA through the lie "I will teach English to the world" and pooping its own language to its interlocutors at the hall shows with curiosity. Don't let the poop run heavily, if the man has fed the snot paper tissue that they have made pasha in a military force, he has shot an alliance behind him. The Alliance does not have been consisted of NATO only. I don't know what meetings, if there weren't treble-treble Olympic style floors, so would sibling girls harassed by Islamic terrorists be on the stage with obscene toilets open to sexual abuse at the age to be called a child, huh? The issue concerns the Turkish Ayatollah GULEN and the Caliph in terms of his rights; One should be very sensitive about child abuse, I'm sure; because one writes in the pages of conservative gazettes. But what is the purpose of saying "If the student ERDOGAN leaves ...", "Is the teacher GULEN to be replaced?" What kind of meaning does speculation mean? According to GULEN's misogynist, in other words, sexually wry followers, it is certain that the crab like caliph who has begun to twist is going to go. Looking sexless is not a crime and yet a defect! The implication that "long, go-away" which is broken to abuse of children is a defect identical to crime. Even when he is there, our mail needs can be flushed with the calf-leg to the bottom, will we see the bottom of the bottom when we leave? Do we need this, or do we need it? As it turns out, they do not just lead a gender-defective life, they are traitors with memory disabilities! Because in the soul and mind slaughterhouses called ABANT Meetings directed by GULEN, they forced the masses to do their jobs from other places in places where they did not introduce Muslims open to good and bad innovations such as the benevolent General Si-Si. Here is the proof: GULEN could not be criticized in those meetings. Why, why? ... a question asked everyone!

    MONDAY, 18 MAY, 2020

    Mask, social distance or something similar to these humanity induced novelties... Those that were not done in the past when any virus or bacterial outbreak were observed as to be bursting. We almost never have the chance to meet people, citizens, nationals, familiar and unfamiliar faces. The corona mask reflects the smiley's feature like the face of a non-human being. And when the issue of social distance comes into play, it seems as if the situation is moving towards the change of our human profile - the result of an operation of perception, in fashion!

    TUESDAY, 19 MAY, 2020
    Yesterday, he watched US TV Stations and got rejoicing news that the vaccine-MODERNA against the Corona virus had been composed in labs and having been gain it as a starting point got injected to humans...And although his age was only HEIDI, using this word instead of borrowing from the neighboring farm relieved the little student - yes, borrowed the horse and spurred the mare towards the high plateaus. As his father's profession based on animal health sciences-veterinary medicine-he was taught how to ride a horse from the ancestor profession. He climbed one of the hillocks in the plateau, which is already 2000 meters above sea level, and said read his poem:
    Mask, social distance or something similar to these
    Humanity induced novelties...
    Those that were not done in the past when any virus or bacterial Outbreak were observed as to be bursting...
    We almost never have the chance to meet a citizen, a national, Familiar And-and or-unfamiliar
    The faces namely the corona masks would reflects
    The smiley's feature like the face
    Of a non-human being
    And when the issue of social distance
    Comes into play, it seems as if the situation

    WEDNESDAY, 20 MAY 2020

    MODERNA corona virus vaccine made everyone happy and made everyone realize this: "Post-Modern Life Theory" is empty. The life of civilized people is somehow guaranteed from the point of development based whole, tens of thousands of years from history to the future. The villains against us from the first human civilization of ours contributed by the Ancient Greek, Zero-the magic number of the computer-induced Indian, and even some Chinese people-those Egyptians, innocent Jews, and good Arabs- cannot be slaughtered some hundred and hundred years ago, say Huns, microbes or natural disasters

    THURSDAY/FRIDAY, 21-22 MAY, 2020

    "Corona! Pandemic!"
    The well-known husky voice of Dr. FAUCI startled Dr.MES SOLZHENITSOF from his vaccination dream based on science of
    splendid future into the unpleasant realities of the present
    hour. And yet it was anti-unpleasant voice too. He had heard it for many times from the press conference garden of The White House, and with every moment he liked it alternatively more or less. No matter; there would be an end to all that notorious pandemic soon.

    SATURDAY, 23 MAY, 2020

    Nobody knows whether big world powers are exercising to increase the hospital induced general health services that were bound to be needed in wars. As not knowing anything does not frustrate the claim of exercise, knowing only has value when supported by evidence so that is a very complex, dark tableau before us, and yet usually the sharpest lines appear when the flash fires. Let's blow our extra light and let's see it. Yes, in front of us, there is a clear preparation for war in terms of emergency intensive care services. Hey come let' try and understand what that could force the great powers into the war that hospitals and intensive care began their preparation for war?

    SUNDAY, 24 MAY, 2020

    I want to call out to the crowd who had to pinch themselves-when they woke up this morning-to find out if they died from the corona epidemic: Look, you felt like a nail, so the virus that didn't kill you. Realizing that you are not dying by understanding that you are living has the same meaning somehow. But not all mortal bodies-including Corona Virus-live the same productivity and the same length. Even if a good maintenance life is extended, and yet extending to a productive life is not easy. Come on now! Let's start the movements without losing much time anymore: Come on, hop, hop, hop! Arms up, hop, accompanied by the song "I waited for you who did not come ..." We're crouching, arms down, body up ... standing up. (Oh, is the diary keeper upset, let's curse the virus: May God make ye blind you! You Corona oh down with all viruses... how is harmony, but ... go pinch her nipples ... who are you elder brother, her boy friend, excuse us huh? "I'm the public enemy, CEMAL SUNAR!"
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