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Thread: Thus spake m. Solzhenitsof!

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    PART V

    Neo-Revolutionist namely The Revolutionary Leader of the Public Coitus as The Love Hunter or rather the mature male One in Twos and the Student Girl+18, say their mating open to be peeped by The Aristocrats-by Erzurum's Aristocrats led by the Mayor's Wife-of The Pushkin's Beloved City induced coituses chain since the very beginning. The Girl Student+18 and The Twos in One experienced all classic and all modern and other positions of The Public Coitus, at the beginning of non-erotic but slightly obscene terms regarding to licking genital organs first and to let the male drilling apparatus to have made the girl student+18, her vulva to have been pumped to the death of ach and zest! However, because to have engaged in The Public Coitus was not given as a sexual manifesto ad hoc the original meaning of the creative terms therein peeping through the peephole (see in the previous chapters), and since the divine terms a propos predating classical mating-to drill and pump after having found the entrance of the female pit passing all objections caused by the female sticky mucosal secretion and contractions of the muscles ready-in fact-to embrace the dark violet cap of the male genital organ's incursion, eh? By the way one ought to remember the natural reflects of vulva for to the proposed causative stem for the unpleasant readers would not be persuasive. Also, that friction between the male and female genital accessories' response should not occur in the causative in neither modern nor archaic way of sexual lives. Nevertheless, the objection of the reader, that morality induced terms of general sexual lives would be consisting only of verbal forms are unattested, save for open or hidden love making without love... So the public coitus should be taken into consideration while the root-to most certainly highly probable situation-should also mean “to make love in the bed or on the pavement” for the job would need must patient as Job. Instead of love making based on bravura and all boasting attitudes ought to be seen dandling for the divine terms assigned to sexual life, couldn't imply a meaning such as “the unvanquished! ( Let's try and reconsider it negatively in a poem by Prof. Mesolzhenitsy: Like a meteor/or/ As a causative fawn, / As “the one who causes rain or lightning to tumble down. / But this meaning would be unattested / For a detailed treatment / Of the Neo-Love Makers / opening the buttocks / Of the female one evidence, / Let's see The famous poet Prof. MES... In modern times and t should be supported only by the way of The Love Hunter linked evidence appealing to evidence from the Drill and Pump and open the bodies of mating ones to be peeped freely.Then come on everybody and let's ask: Has the wife of the Pushkin's Beloved City's-Erzurum's Mayor written any column that as to have become the leader of the onlookers peeping the mating ones she should have written, recalling the stories of the peeping colleagues of hers who surveyed the hardships of the public coitus while having felt the scrutinizing eyes behind the buttocks of the student girl+18 carrying on with mating over the male for a while to have made blockade between the genital organs' physical tasting movements and the special relaxation that would give way solely for erection of clitoris and male pumping apparatus which might have been dead without having been flared by means of serenity in the brain and fire reigning all the mating body from the area encircled by groins, hips and the tail of vertebrae simmering with very personal details linked to the rhythmic movements of the coitus induced positions to have tended kissing every points on-especially-Mss mating one before she turned into Mrs mated therein the public coitus. ‘My sweetheart was breathing via enlarged nostrils as if trapped in a sexual swamp while the twos in one-the love hunter drilled and pumped her through dark pink mucosa of her vulva to have joined a great sexual revolution to the highest probability observed from the space by the World's Commissariat for Internal coitus innovations! All were the affairs linked to The Public Coitus, whose mission was to build up bridges between the erotic revolution and the morality and ejaculation and vaginal mucosa secretion based on juicy lines over the vaginal lips and testicles a propos the revolutionary president-The Love Hunter that could be recalled in the novel. Of the members in the mating pair viz. the mating ones or rather The Girl Student+18 and The Twos in One-The Love Hunter engaged in coitus open to be peeped by the onlookers to have looked through the semi official peephole on the door of the bed. In the time, The Public Coitus Heroes were chasing sexual happiness moments to have been shared with them in the semi official public coitus room. Yeah there a lot of people in and around the public coitus place wherein the mites on the carpets survived over a great toil because all of them the privilege not to hid in a swamp of morality for several millenniums.

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