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Thread: Thus spake m. Solzhenitsof!

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    Eventually The dozen or so drilling and pumping had been carved into the soft mucosa back lips of the Girl Student+18 say her vulva sacrificed to The Twos in One-He The Love Hunter's coitus records one could see a dried semen and saliva mountain passes around the female side's genital area-a site about one meter below the city of vulva, which over approximately has been plastered with thousands of inscriptions by passing male genital area hairs. Conveniently, at least two of the early nuptial hair, and semen, and saliva, and the secretion of female mucosa glyphs that could discovered from afar by the onlookers peeping the coitus through the semi official peephole ought to be cited dates in a mating calendar if there were any regarding to the science of sexology, and expert epigraphists could quickly calculated that the newest one corresponded to the adventures or rather love affair of The Love Hunter. Dubiously the discovery of dried semen in and around a vulva should be sensational: the earliest ancient inscriptions using the pre-nuptial stage of non-erotic and yet male drilling apparatus script could have been dated at least half a minute later after every coitus, and had all been found in the genital area oh hers, which had suggested that the sexology induced alphabet used to write the sacred chain of coitus of theirs had been developed far from the birthplace of The No End Coituses and its hero and heroine... Yet the announcement of the discovery should have been subdued for in the future few ONLOOKERS and THE MATING ONES SHOULD HAVE tersely summarized the details of the coituses, hailing the text written by mainly by means of male genital hairs and the liquid of ejaculation as the “missing link” between Her Pre Nuptial and the earlier coitus remnants like the ancient alphabets used previously in the genital region, such as LABIUM MAJUS. Most of the articles then were to be accompanied by stock photos taken by the peepers of sexology linked records of theirs or other mating inscriptions: it is almost impossible to find a picture of the inscription create just at the main exit of the vulvae online or a reference to the actual content of the mating similar to theirs.When the wife of Pushkin's Beloved City-Erzurum's Mayor took her place in early sessions of peeping the chain of the coituses it was a great relief to all concerned. Only, coming near to the semi official peephole from her mansion the things linked to the non-secret mission of onlookers she'd wanted as a eyewitness came forward to the semi official coitus peeping, and the thought of his wife, and everything seemed so happy that she couldn't leave the peephole. As for the mating student girl+18 both she and her love-hunter was very quiet and her eyes were very sparkling and she kept saying that she was so glad that there'd be room on the lot for her to be buried in the bed or rather the chosen place-having been chosen as the mine of drilling for feeding the mating zest too. She'd have hated for everybody but him namely the love hunter to be buried in no other cemetery than her nuptial bed. It was so beautiful and all the nicest people in The Pushkin's Beloved City-Erzurum's that were fond of peeping the chain coituses buried there. With the drilling and pumping apparatus or rather the genital organ of the love hunter handed them the chance of building over their coitus nest and fixed up the two top mating positions to expose out them to be peeped as love making coitus induced shows. That was the chance The Mating Student Girl+18 had been waiting for, say for so long to get a place of her own to be mating freely and she and the Twos in One he the love hunter got that bed room in the municipality building open to everybody like a public library, with coitus peeping privileges. Strange to say, while drilling the vulva of The Student Girl+18,hers female apparatus-the love hunter was originally defining only by its change. In the process of the male drilling and pumping engines, the change in the coitus was equal to the heat of love transferred divided by the flaring zest. Could coitus be put on an absolute scale, so he-the love hunter could refer to the pumping the vulva that of a system and not just its changes, huh? The answer is yes, but it took a lot of work to do that in the nuptial bed having been peeped through the peephole. Along the observation line, onlookers-including the wife of the mayor-came up with the concept of “absolute process forever and yet not monotonous”, the temperature at which all sperm motion within the love hunter's semen (not including erotic effects) would not stop. As the theory of the love hunter's developed, it was realized that zero debauchery could be defined as the processed based on the chain of coituses should have been seen as that of a system at absolute zero from the point of pornography with that, we could now define the sexual positions of their chain of coituses at any fire embracing their genital organs within the personalities sharing an endless mating (not just changes in eroticism induced positions.) It became possible to assign a number to an anti- entropy of a system for the mating ones were embracing each other as the flares would do amid the fried trees.Let's remember that medics, engineers and chemists still do this what has been done there by the love hunter while he was busy in finishing and restarting myriad coituses; and everybody can look up male apparatus's drilling, pumping scattering solids as genital area hairs, as semen like liquids, and find tables of their peeping-if the used to peep the coitus base love making of The Girl Student+18 and the Twos in One as a function of flaring in love and other variables such as pressuring the BOOPs...err...and everybody can calculate what happens to mating pair when two components (e.g. kissing and rendering sexual intercourse and both ejaculation and orgasm are mixed.) And we all ought to remember that theirs is all the subject of undergraduate sexology or rather the original “Law of Entropy” was that for any isolated system in which love was being transferred, that the total change in coitus would always be positive. The new type of mating-free to be being peeped infinitely-was that for any isolated system undergoing sexual behavior changes, that the coituses to be mad by The Student Girl+18 and The Twos in One in the Pushkin's beloved city Erzurum as a part of the erotic part of the social system would be positive. And yet isolation shouldn't be essential.Right now, the mating of The Twos in One-He The Love Hunter of the Beloved City-Erzurum's coitus history was not actually to be decreasing. So was the zest induced sexual or rather the chain of non-erotic sexual intercourses of the Earth. But if you include the ejaculation and orgasm linked radiation that those bodies were emitting to space, then the total coituses free to be peeped officially like black holes, galaxies, radiation was increasing. That mysterious law of making love to be continued with semen and saliva, and even mucosal secretion before everybody, originally devised for male drilling and pumping engine, was finally explained by the great contemporary Romantic writer Prof. M. SOLZHENITSOF, who came up with an abstract definition of coitus positions that matched the male drilling apparatus’s original definition, but was broader and more comprehensive. Unfortunately, the definition is a bit difficult to understand without a lot of -at least erotic-background. Stated as simply as possible it says that loveless mating was the logarithm of the number of quantum sexology states accessible to a configuration. (Let's understand that Prof MES SOLZHENITSOF should be sorry for that while his book “then” should go into this in a bit more detail, if you would want to read a few dozen pages.)Now make the unproven assumption-sometimes called the Non Erotic Sexology-that the probability of a configuration based on the positions-of the coituses chain should not be equal to the number of accessible mating. Then the “Law of Loveless Love Making” would become a trivial tautology. Under that assumption, the great Law of Loveless Love could be rephrased as follows: when an isolated coitus between The One in Twos-He The Love Hunter and The Student Girl+18 spontaneously changes, it changes to a more probable chain of coituses, not a less probable one. Some people call the Law of Loveless Love or Lovable Love as the most fundamental one in all of science of sexology. But the real law is the unproven Loveless Chain of Coitus Hypothesis if there were any. Love Making increase would be a trivial consequence of that. What? While making coitus they couldn’t understand why the of Coitus Hypothesis would be true. Some people might dismiss that question by saying that the truth of the hypothesis of loveless love making was “obvious.” And yet none could think it was, and many great actions of the male drilling apparatus, including pumping should be tried hard to derive it from basic rules of mating theory, but failed, huh?

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