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Thread: Should Dawkins debate with William Lane Craig?

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    Their debate would be interesting and can be historical. But they're like a symmetry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varenne Rodin View Post
    From where I'm sitting "new atheism" looks like it's doing just fine. We don't have to debate anything. Observe your world.
    Good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cafolini View Post
    Who cares whether it is Dawkins or the famous Argentinean Mongo Aurelio? One would have to be absolutely insane to argue with Craig.
    Craig doesn't win all of his debates, at least based on my assessment. I think he lost the debate he had with Bart Ehrman on the resurrection of Jesus:

    However, I expect Dawkins would lose to Craig if he did debate him. That is why he doesn't.

    Regarding resurrecting from the dead, it is something that some people have done, although we tend to assume that if they did come back to life they weren't really dead in the first place. Some of them have interesting near-death experiences to tell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YesNo View Post
    I expect Dawkins would lose to Craig if he did debate him.
    Certainly Dawkins would lose if the subject was anything related to cosmology or historicism. Really, the only ground I see they have for debate is morality, because it's the only one both have addressed at length in their literature. Who has the edge there? I think it would be close, because morality is the one area where I think Craig has gotten beat up more than once and by more than one opponent (Sinnott-Armstrong and Kagan), and considering the ground Dawkins bases his moral philosophy in is his actual area of expertise (evolutionary biology), I think Craig wouldn't have his usual advantage when it comes to knowledge of the premises. Where Craig would still have the edge is in his incomparable ability to frame the debate and Gatling-gunning his points and counterpoints.
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