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    love it

    The scarlet letter was a brillant book. IT WAS VERY INTERESTING IN IT'S VOCABULARY AND STRUCTURE. I LOVED IT.

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    I have to agree there. It was a very well planned out book with an exciting sense of tension all the way through and really highlights women's oppression from society (and men) in the good ol' olden days. I liked the description of Pearl most of all and the connection she had with nature was most in depth and mysterious.

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    I cannot imagine how deviant this story must have seemed to Nathaniel Hawthorne's contemporary readers and fellow writers, involving the tale of a young child born to a determined, willful, and unmarried woman (later discovered to have involved a local minister). The mere thought must have caught many readers by surprise, though now such a real-life story many readers would cast aside as nothing distant from the ordinary. Needless to say, Hawthorne really captured the behavioral aspects of such an event occurring, including the pressures from strict religion (perhaps Puritan?) at the time.
    I would like to think that Arthur Miller, while writing The Crucible, captured much of the same essence of chaos from a more modern perspective, but with characters of the era, regardless.

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