"As I look at you" the wizard said, "I see a grey soul; an uncertain future
Where you walk alone on a divergent path to a fork in the road.
And I see grey birds of prey landing on trees calmly,
As if content for the moment, waiting for a call from a dark spirit up high;
And you will have a choice to make which way to go".

I asked the wizard what it means,
He looked at me with contempt in his eyes and said:
"It's for you to find out,
now leave!"
And flew in the air and out of sight.

Bewildered, I looked around,
As the ravens and the darkest birds imaginable
Were watching from the trees
Waiting for me to make a move.
My eyes began to lust with terror,
I was alone in this bleak forest
With not a way home, but through two paths;
Of one not being sure and the other too terrible to contemplate.

So I took a careful step, overlooking a cliff, and there I saw
An angel with wings looking up and smiling at me:
"So where do you want to go"? she said with a flap of her wings.
"With you said I, quite honestly" sheepishly looking into her blue eyes.
"Well pay no mind to that wizard, she said,
Look not into the darkness,
For up in heaven there is light
That will fill your soul.
So with me walk,
I will be your guardian angel
Carrying you on my wings
Until the time you meet the lord of host".

And she flew in the distance
And I never saw her again.
But she stayed with me, and her light
Shined down from heaven
All the days forward.