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Thread: All There, NOT (a Robert Frost Riff)

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    All There, NOT (a Robert Frost Riff)

    Inspired by some Recent Events on the forum. Based on the Robert Frost poem.

    I turned to speak to God,
    About a poet's "flair";
    but to make bad matters worse,
    I found God wasn't there.

    God turned to speak to me
    (I think it was a gaffe)
    I found He was vagantes!
    I couldn't help but laugh.
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    Hold on a minute. I want to make sure I understand your authorial intent here. I can feel the heavy weight on my shoulders to grasp the exact meaning of this poem and not misread it in anyway whatsoever lest I am disrespected by you (no disrespect to you Oh Great One)

    L1 When you turned to speak to God, did you mean you physically turned or perhaps had a change of view because of some life event that altered previous beliefs so that you actually 'turned' in a spiritual way towards God? And when you say God, do you mean The Actual God that mainstream Christianity follows or are we speaking of any God? I'm only asking because I don't want to incur any sort of insult from you - The Writer whose text I must face and eventually reach a point where the meeting of minds will coincide with each other. I know its completely my job and not yours so you have to understand that I've got to get this right. I'll just have another glass of wine - maybe that will help.

    Now L2 About a poet's "flair". This is deep man. About. Do you mean within close proximity or in reference to? and the inverted commas is that suggesting sarcasm or something that I'm too unsophisticated and dog vomitty to fathom?

    Look, perhaps I'm not cut out for this sort of thing and maybe I better cancel my membership now. There is another member who knows all about this sort of stuff though. I could always ask him....
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