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Thread: colours poetry

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    clumsily tumbling
    like tumblers
    or something-or-others
    the labourers bundling
    rafters and awnings
    one another
    the buzzing of ochres
    and umbers
    a jungle of mumblers
    the sufferers
    of buzz saw lobotomies
    are teething no longer
    such wealth
    and redemption
    resurrection through
    assembled and suspending epicentred
    in a splendour of slenderly wound timber
    I wonder
    the spiralling staircase is an extension
    of the heavens
    signed by someone-or-other
    that humble carpenter
    anonymous and unfunded they say
    and remembered as an angel
    with a hammer of mahogany

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    -seems my find function didn't highlight midnight blue as a duplicate. Alternatively use blood burgundy if desired.
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    Midnight Blue

    Midnight blue
    Coming through
    Upon the empty road.
    Autumn wind
    About me grinned
    And freed me from my load.

    Midnight blue,
    Nothing new
    Comes around the bend.
    There's no one there.
    No need to stare.
    We'll make it to the end.

    Midnight blue,
    I love you, too.
    Our home is now in sight.
    And safe we'll be
    Dancing with delight.

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    marbling and tincture
    slates sprain through vermillion
    as if fluids to the flume
    blood's burgundy meridian

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    a florentine seen
    orange to the light
    it appears tan
    like a sun high meridian
    but under a dim
    it appears slim
    it almost trims
    to become gone
    white perpendiculars
    its height
    ephemere till the day airs
    it fairs.

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    art is a symbol of affection if you play it you becomes it
    if you let it it becomes you
    and if you ignore it becomes not
    prepare to thought and art is your court

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