All alone in this land where I dwell
Deep within the sorrows of my broken shell
You shed such a light unto this dark oblivion
A maelstrom of fear forbidding me to let you in

I love you and this is no doubt
Without you, I could not live without
But every time I reach for your graceful touch
One glance into your eyes remind me of how much love can hurt

And so as the shadows of the past linger out of sight
In a capsule elusive to time
Infecting my thoughts like a merciless disease
Sending my heart into woe and misery

I know youíre not them
And I know your intentions are well
Its just that fear stops me from being a man
And so I run and hide and never bother to tell

How much I love you
And how ill be there through and through
My love isnít bound to time
Not when it means loving you

I know that Iíve made mistakes
Just as you had done the same
But a mere thought of your precious giggles
Fills my heart with thrills

And so I walk pretending to be unfazed
And when it came to an end
I didn't know where to begin
Without you I lost my place

Maybe its my fault for never letting you in
Perhaps my own demise left me ignorant and broken
But in one lonely night we exchanged hearts as golden tokens
And secrets told which had never been spoken
I never meant to break your heart, I just wanted to be unbroken

For when it comes to this fear so crippling
A pain paralyzing
A heart silently weeping
All the while a face still smiling
Fear can kill the best of things
But fear will never again take you from me

Thanks for reading!