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Thread: Ben Jonson The Alchemist

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    Ben Jonson The Alchemist

    Hello there

    I wonder if anyone has knowledge of Jonson's Alchemist, in particular the character
    Drugger: he is called "Nab" in the play but why did his name change?

    Thanks if anyone is kind enough to assist


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    It's a familiar nickname, the character's name is Abel Drugger, Nab is a nickname (maybe invented by Jonson for comedic effect) for Abel. Face is also essentially calling the conned Drugger a "mark" to his face over and over as a joke for the audience. I.e. he's being taken or nabbed.
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    Thanks very much for that info OrphanPip. Never realised that. Going back to read it all again.

    Thanks a bunch

    Tom C

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