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Thread: more about titles

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    more about titles

    Since I've had several views of my post but no one has answered me, I wonder if anyone knows a way where someone could find out an unknown title of a story. Could you use words essential to the plot of the story as keywords? Would sure like to find this story and read it again.

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    I'm guessing people didn't know which book you were looking for, but maybe if you'd google the author or a major character. Maybe even the plot could work, although that might be a long shot. Just google anything you can think of and maybe you'll find what you're looking for. Good Luck!
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    Try typing words essential to the plot in google books, or character names if you can remember them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelby_lake View Post
    Try typing words essential to the plot in google books, or character names if you can remember them.
    That really should work. I tried it various times and always found what I was looking for. It just needs time.
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