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Thread: A young olivebranch..

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    A young olivebranch..

    When Mr. Bennet reads the letter of Mr. Collins containing the rumour about Mr. Darcy and Lizzy, he mentions something about a young olivebranch that is to be expected by Mr. Collins.. A baby?

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    Yes, I think so.

    The word olive-branch is mentioned twice early in the book and also pertains to a letter to Mr Bennet from Mr Collins. The earlier usage refers to the possibility of mending the rift between him and the Bennets through marriage (and subsequently, children) with Jane or, failing that, Elizabeth. Mr Bennet speaks of Mr Collins as this peace-making gentleman.
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    Despite Jane and Elizabeth's advantageous marriages, Mr Collins would still inherit Longbourn on Mr Bennet's death due to the entailment rule (this lasted for three generations before it could be changed by law). In hoping to marry one of the daughters, Mr Collins's "olive-branch" was simply saying that Longbourn would stay in the family, whereas by marrying Charlotte Lucas, that ended as far as Mrs Bennet and her daughters were concerned. That was the main reson for Mr's Bennet's distress at Eliza refusing his offer of marriage (his olive-branch). Longbourn was lost to the family.

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    Yes he also mentions Charlotte's "situation"

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