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Thread: Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

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    I'm sure somebody more learned than I will address it Cacian but I'm as interested as you although I'm less inclined to say it is weird. All I know is that there are no records of his birth except his baptism at the Holy Trinity Church which is Anglican and not Catholic.
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    Well, I just read this bit of news....

    Shakespeare may have indeed had a co-author in All's Well that Ends Well. Not surprising news.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PoeticPassions View Post
    Well, I just read this bit of news....

    Shakespeare may have indeed had a co-author in All's Well that Ends Well. Not surprising news.
    Oh and I was in the know that shakespeare was more then two....there many discrepencies in styles inmany of his plays and writing it is very obvious to the naked eye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cacian View Post
    why would they afraid of history?
    do you consider shakespeare as a true of portrayer of history?
    He distorted history a bit for theatrical purposes. Also, he used only one source for his histories, so talk about a bias perspective. Furthermore, 9/10 histories were written during the time of Elizabeth I, so he had to show a certain respect to her house and lineage.

    As for why people tend to avoid the History plays: people think that they are drying than the comedies/tragedies - this is not so. What is true however, is that they require a bit of background that Shakespeare's audience would have been well versed in but we today (particularly if you are not living in the UK) not so much.
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