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Thread: WATCHING AND WISHING analysis !!

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    Unhappy WATCHING AND WISHING analysis !!

    hi !

    my name is nodi ,i am student at Uni and living in Middle East .
    My problem is that i am working on a search on the poem '' Watching and Wishing '' by Charlotte Bronte and I did not find anything about this poem online at ALL !!
    i only find the poem !


    Oh, would I were the golden light

    That shines around thee now.
    As slumber shades the spotless white

    Of that unclouded brow !
    It watches through each changeful dream

    Thy features* varied play ;
    It meets thy waking eyes* soft gleam

    By dawn by opening day.

    Oh, would I were the crimson veil

    Above thy couch of snow,
    To dye that cheek so soft, so pale.

    With my reflected glow !
    Oh, would I were the cord of gold

    Whose tassel set with pearls
    Just meets the silken covering's fold

    And rests upon thy curls,

    Dishcvell'd in thy rosy sleep,

    And shading soft thy dreams ;
    Across their bright and raven sweep

    The golden tassel gleams !
    I would be anything for thee,

    My love my radiant love
    A flower, a bird, for sympathy^

    A watchful star above

    My teacher asked me to analyze it , figure out the themes and to find any critiques on this poem !!

    please help me !!

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    You know, there was a time when university was a place where students took primary sources - such as poems - and did something crazy: they thought about the poem! They said, "where here is what the poem seems to be about, now what larger aspect of humanity is this speaking to?" And then they came up with their own analyses.

    The point of assignments is not to get them done so you can get a grade and get the heck out of university - no. Engage with the poem instead of with Google and do your own ORIGINAL work!
    I wrote a poem on a leaf and it blew away...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Darnay View Post
    The point of assignments is not to get them done so you can get a grade and get the heck out of university - no.
    Oh, good luck selling that.

    He's right, though, Nodi, they want to teach you to think, because, unless you want to be an elected official or reality TV star, it's an important ability to have.

    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Darnay View Post
    Engage with the poem instead of with Google and do your own ORIGINAL work!
    Yeah, Nodi, just read the thing a few times, and if necessary do a little of this and this and eventually you'll have an .

    And remember, a great deal of analysis, especially of vague poetry like the above, is total invented by the analyzer. If it sounds good and nobody has a clue what's the thing's really about except the dead person who wrote it, you're fine.
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    Although I do not have a good English writing, I tried to analyze it but i did not understand , I tried to research it online in order to understand it but I did not find anything !
    Please help me to find to any information about the poem , any book that talks about it , please i am just asking you to give me sources to understand the Poem!

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    this is my resaerch on the poem and
    نزززلتتتههاا هنا موو عشششانككوم ياسسسلق بس عشان محد يتووهههق فيهههاا زييي مااتوهههقت
    لابووكممم لابببو ممن فتححح ههالمووقع الفااااشل

    This poem speaks about deep love, dreams and fantasy .It is totally imaginative .
    The lover expresses his feelings towards his beloved . He says to her that he would be
    anything for her because he loves her so much . For example : He wishes to be the
    golden light that shines around Her . Also, He wishes to be the '' crimson veil '' that
    touches her soft cheek . He even wishes to be '' the cord of gold '' that covers her curly
    hair .
    The technique used in this poem is a dramatic monologue in
    which the speaker is the lover and there is a silent listener which is his beloved and
    the case is the lover who expresses his strong feelings towards his beloved .
    The literary critic , David Cecil , makes a critical reading on Bronte's works . He
    describes Charlotte as '' a very nave writer '' . Also , he states that " love is indeed the
    central theme of Charlotte and Emily's stories " . In this poem , it is clearly that love
    is the central theme , however , I disagree with Cecil on the first point
    because i think Charlotte in not a nave writer . She speaks about serious topics
    and human concerns . Love is a supreme human concern . If you love someone
    very deeply , it will affect your life in many ways . In '' Watching and
    wishing '' , we can see how love affects the lover's imagination that he
    even wishes to be anything for her .
    Another criticism of Charlotte Bronte , Earl A. Knies, in The Art of Charlotte
    Bronte, argues that there are certainly autobiographical elements in Bronte's works .
    He claims that Bronte rearranges her materials so that they show '' a marked degree
    of pattern and objectivity '' . I agree with him totally because when we make
    a biographical reading on Charlotte Bronte's life, we should note that she is
    extremely influenced by the Angrian tales , which talks about love , fantasy
    dreams and mystery . However , she uses a dramatic monologue technique to
    give her poem a complete objectivity .

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