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Thread: Explanation of William Blake Quote

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    Unhappy Explanation of William Blake Quote

    Im in need of help ....

    Active Evil is better than Passive Good.
    William Blake

    what does this quote mean ?!?!


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    A quick Google search turned up Blake's Margins: An Interpretive Study of the Annotations by Hazard Adams. The preview skips some pages, but the quote you want is discussed on p22-23.
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    At least you are active doing something and you do not feel powerless and are enjoying what they are doing. Evil and Good are mere perspectives and everyone has one.
    Passive Good is like sacrificing yourself by doing things for others all the time, never saying "no", denying your true nature jsut to appear that you enjoy to be nice to people, and all your joy is in complete denial to express yourself and create your life and hiding behind 'doing good'.
    What some do in the light of 'good' is actually more detrimental to self and another's growth that they remain stunted.
    Doing something bad/evil would be a perspective on the part of the 'person doing passive good'.
    One who has wisdom would see neither evil nor good. This individual would not see life from such an official line of consciousness. Rock bed reality.
    Different levels of sight see people and the world from various unique perspectives only obtained by creating and lifting the world through mental diets.

    Understanding more about what that quote means one would delve into Creation Psyence.

    More importanly to understand Sir William Blake, Neville Goddard is an outstanding reference for this quest.
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