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Thread: The Minority Spotting School of Criticism

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    Quote Originally Posted by stlukesguild View Post
    I think that this is one of the things I dislike most about the inability to differentiate the artist from the art work, and that is the Romantic notion that the characters invented by an artist represent the artist's thinking... and the complete ignorance of the possibility that none of the characters in a given narrative mirror the artist's thinking... or even that the artist intends a given character in a sarcastic or ironic manner.
    This reminds me of an (amateur) reviewer giving a review of Bowles' The Sheltering Sky. (SPOILER ALERT)

    She gave the book a one star review and complained that she didn't see how a man who lived happily for so many years in Morocco could write about characters who were so xenophobic and misunderstood the place so greatly, and called the latter part of the book 'a chauvinistic rape fantasy.'

    Talk about missing the point!

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    Missing the point is a point of pride with that vigilante gang. We are all part of some minority or other though they won't see that. They look for offence and instead of being happy when they find what they look for they are full of outrage. They enjoy their outrage even more when it can be on behalf of some other"group". The present flavour of the month in the Republic of Scotia is gender/sex. Allowing creepy [email protected]&s into women's toilets is their latest # I wannabe outraged too ploy. This is slithering into education, literature and all walks of life. There seems to be no end to the ways these crackpots can find ways to be miserable. And of course literary theorists always want to be up there being hip and woke (whatevah)

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