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    crazy dream

    went back in time
    where Bowie lived
    ordered ham salad roll
    bread, filling, sauces
    even the butter streak
    strips of rubbery plastic
    tried to complain
    pointing angrily
    woofed it hungrily

    next on a bus
    her birthday
    having a party
    but I have school
    pass shops and bars
    houses nondescript
    doggies root
    human style
    trip takes a while

    must be early
    draw on blackboard
    tinkle on piano
    read, write, and wait
    chat to cleaners
    spot helicopters
    sit in empty room
    before hat I doff
    must be a day off

    walk to her place
    only her and me
    and a broken fridge
    eventually it occurs
    it's the wrong house
    she's the wrong her
    should be next door
    or down the street
    people to meet

    trickle of guests
    fill the house
    tired of clothes
    switch to sheet toga
    begin a trend
    soon they're unruly
    loud and decadent
    now a towel sarong
    it doesn't catch on

    time to leave
    chasing potatoes
    rolling in gutter
    everyone follows
    but unconcerned
    that the world
    has warped
    out of place
    tilted in space

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    An article I've read years ago explained dreams, not in the Freudian sense, but as a way the brain "sorts" out information and files it in our memory. Hence the seemingly disjointed, "crazy" images (or as your verse shows, ordinary things out of focus, out of place, out of time frames.)

    Something I've always wondered about-- why do some people have the ability to remember their dreams, while others, such as yours fooly, never could? Probably means your ol' auntie is nuts.

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    I thought it was something to do with the REM state and when people come out of them which determines whether they will remember their dreams. Medications can change these states too. People who are in the state near waking are most likely to remember the dream than those who are not and they usually maintain a familiar sleep pattern. Something like that you're not nuts auntie.

    Interesting poem MM. Would have liked to see some kind of waking at the end.
    Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - American Proverb

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    Thanks Aunty

    I'm not sure about people who don't recall their dreams, but when I wake up those first few hours are generally for me alone to work out my bearings. No radio or television or news if I can help it (though there are strange exceptions, perhaps predictive even if I don't subscribe to it: once it was 3:30 am and I turned on the tv for some reason - NBC Today and 911 reported as it was happening. Michael Jackson was another - a host of things which seem coincidental)

    Anyway - dreams are for my journal which goes back to '95, though with gaps when I was otherwise indisposed/pressed for time - unfortunate really because I've had some great ones (on the strength of my subconscious many's the time I've sprung awake and thought 'I'm a bloody genius!'

    Dreams are good for you

    Thanks Delta

    With this there was no real waking, just a slow drifting half-sleep into consciousness

    I think you're right - there's just a lot of electric brain activity at certain points during sleep and we remember (if we do) just the last few seconds of what's gone on - sad really, hours of great material vanished into the void forever

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