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    I re-read this story and paid more attention to Arthur Dimmesdale. I felt so moved by his weakness and his sensitivity. Could he possibly have borne the humiliation and public admonishment that Hester bore? When he does face it with everyone he dies. Why does he have to face up to everyone with it and not leave and go away? Because it would haunt him and he would need to openly admit his love? Why couldn’t he accept his love and passion and not die of shame and mortification? He also loved the truth and could not bear to leave and not to have the truth open. Hawthorne presented two very different ways of dealing with ‘sin’ or guilt or with the secrets of the heart – keeping it hidden and to oneself for fear of social ridicule and to openly viewing and showing the heart – the violation – irony in that Chillingworth represents the devil and evil of violating the secrets of a human heart, he represents what is in the society that searches and seeks out the secrets of the heart and opens it to inspection, judgment and ridicule by the himself and other. <br><br>Pearl only really becomes human and grounded when she knows and is told the truth – when the truth is acknowledged to her. She knows he is the father, and the mother continuously lies to her and does not tell her the truth. She then cannot feel part of life until the father is acknowledged, she cries and kisses him and then is able to lead a true and womanly life. But only by the acknowledgement of her father and the truth.<br><br>Wonderful image of the English matrons imbued with beer and beef and their callous, rough, vengeful and jealous dispositions and characters. I thought the description of the prison and the people were really important to the setting and showing the moral and spiritual oppression. He used each detail for a purpose and build meaning with the images and symbols.<br><br>Hester was the object of the women's envy and jealousy. They wanted to bring her down from her dignity, self-assurance, self-respect and sense of personal power and sense of self. She is unaware as she steps out onto the street what trauma she is undergoing and what her future will be. <br><br>His analysis of the feelings and psychology of someone vilified and scrutinized by society and aliented from the hearts of the community is very perceptive and strikes me as very true.<br>

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    books heart beat

    I really liked the book. I but I didn't really like when it became a romance, cause I have nothing but detest for that pathetic worm Dimmsdale! I liked the ending though. But for all you people who thought it was slow and had too much symbolism... I understand, but I don't agree. I feel the way the the book was written was like the heart beat of the story. The way it was written was the feeling, it was like (for me) the writing style reflected the mood of the Scarlet Letter. But if you think that this book was either slow, or the wording was complicated, read Ivanhoe. I swear to you that you will never think this way about another book again! It is good but woah! Even I had an "interesting" time with it!

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